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My Rates

I love weddings. I believe in marriage. While I take great joy from my work, I do charge for my services. My flat rate fee structure allows for the most flexibility within an event, and adds to your peace of mind. 




We enter into a contract with 50% due at time of signing. Your final payment is due 30 days prior to your ceremony. 

I also will preside over Christenings,  funerals, and memorial services by request at separate but similar rates. Message me for details. 

Simple License Signing  Only            $350 

Wedding Ceremony                           $400-450

  • All prep work described in The Process

  • One our Wedding Ceremony

  • One Hour of Photography

  • Two Hours Total Travel Time

Rehearsal                                             $350

This must be booked in conjunction with the Wedding Ceremony. It includes, 

  • One Hour Rehearsal

  • One Hour of Q&A with Families and the Bridal Party

  • Two Hours Total Travel Time

Additional Ceremony Time              $50 per 30 minutes

Additional Travel Time                      $50 per 30 minutes

Holiday Weekend                              Additional $100 per event


Add a Day of Coordinator                Please Ask for Rates!

A Personal Note About My Rates

Even when a couple is excited and ready to be married, wedding planning is often complicated and stressful, especially when two people are making a considerable financial investment to commemorate the day and make it a perfect and enjoyable experience for everyone involved and attending.  I understand that one way you may be considering cutting costs is by asking a "friend" to perform your ceremony. Friends are wonderful people to include in your ceremony, but ordination and licensing is not a casual issue, and the exchange of vows isn't something that should be improvised. I hear from multiple distraught couples every month whose "friend" has canceled at the last minute, for any number of reasons, or, even worse,  they've discovered the licensing portion was done incorrectly, meaning the legality of the ceremony is in jeopardy.


Don't let this happen to you, schedule me to officiate your wedding today!

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