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Getting Married with Angie Rodriguez


Respect. Love. Faith. Adventure. The values of Marriage.


I believe it’s important to begin the journey of marriage with both a ceremony and an officiant that embodies those values and that brings a little flair to the end of the aisle!


Proper planning is a significant part of this adventure together. Once a couple has their wedding date(s) booked, a one hour face-to-face consultation is required. If travel or distance presents a significant issue, we will coordinate a digital meeting, however it’s key that both the couple and myself develop a sense of each other. On this momentous occasion, awareness, respect, and comfort are critical.


For this consultation to be truly effective, I do require both parties to be present. In instances of vow renewal, couples that are already married, a single party is sufficient. Given the complexity of some ceremonies, I understand a couple may want to meet a second time, which I’m happy to do on request.

We work TOGETHER to assemble the right verbiage for you. This can include exchange of vows and rings, readings, religious texts, call and response, or activities, like a sand ceremony or a unity candle lighting. I’m here as your guide, helping you navigate the many options you may have read about as you’ve been planning.

Our preparations will include a final review of the ceremony from beginning to end: the processional, performances, included pets, and photo ops. This final review also helps guide my time commitment on your wedding day, helping me help you keep your event both organized and joyous.

Every ceremony I perform is custom scripted. This means your feedback is essential in helping me ensure you have the ceremony you want. After our initial consultation, I will provide you with a first draft, allowing one round of edits. You will be provided an updated draft upon completion of revisions. It is possible to incorporate additional edits up to 96 hours prior to the ceremony, however a physical copy of the second draft will not be provided.


On your wedding day, I will provide your printed ceremony in booklet form to accompany your marriage certificate in a keepsake envelope. 

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